The Whole
Horse Approach:

At Oakley Equine,
we evaluate and treat the
whole horse. We diagnose
and treat performance
limiting conditions
by assessing soundness,
general health,
hoof balance, dental
condition and saddle fit…
unlocking your
horse’s potential

ABVP promotes and recognizes the highest standards in
veterinary clinical practice.

Oakley Equine Sports Medicine
P.O. Box 937
5433 Aragon Ave
De Leon Springs, FL 32130

Oakley Equine
Offers Horse Owners:

Accurate diagnosis with appropriate, cost effective treatment
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and the know
    how to maximize its benefits
  • Specialized training in lameness diagnostics, ultrasonography, acupuncture and dental care
Emphasis on the Whole Horse approach to diagnosis and preventative care
  • Affordable wellness programs designed to optimize longevity and soundness
  • Specialization in rehabilitation, physical and biological therapies
  • The benefits of an advanced saddle fitting program
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