Dr. Oakley’s mission is to unlock your horse’s potential
by evaluating and treating the whole horse.

ISELP provides advanced education in the field of equine lameness.

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Advanced Diagnostics
Digital X-Ray
Our Eklin digital x-ray system provides superior resolution and allows rapid and accurate diagnosis of your horse. Areas that were previously difficult to image, such as the head, neck and stifles, can be seen in detail with this system. As an owner, you get immediate information and can be directly involved in your horse’s diagnosis and treatment.

Ultrasound technology has progressed rapidly in the past few years. Basic tendon and ligament ultrasonography has expanded to include high resolution imaging of joints. Soft tissue, ligaments and cartilage surfaces of joints are easily imaged, providing a more complete evaluation than x-rays alone. Ultrasound guided injections allow precise treatment of areas such as the cervical facet joints in the neck, sacroiliac joint or tendon injuries.

Video Endoscopy
Endoscopy can be used to examine internal structures safely and with little stress to your horse. The stomach and upper airways can be examined for performance limiting conditions such as gastric ulcers or airway obstructions. Gastric ulceration is a common problem in performance horses. Examination with an endoscope allows us to grade the severity of ulceration and treat appropriately, as lower grade ulcers do not require the same length of treatment.

Lameness Evaluation
A thorough and systematic lameness evaluation addresses the whole horse. It involves a physical examination, flexion tests and evaluation of the horse in motion. Nerve or joint blocks may be used if necessary to localize the source of lameness. Up-to-date diagnostics help pinpoint lameness or other performance limiting conditions.

Pre-Purchase Exams
A thorough, in-depth evaluation is essential for horses being considered for purchase. Pre-purchase exams are designed to provide an overall picture of the horse’s current health, soundness and fitness. We may incorporate digital radiography, ultrasonography or endoscopy to help you make an informed decision when purchasing your new horse.
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