Dr. Oakley’s mission is to unlock your horse’s potential
by evaluating and treating the whole horse.

ABVP promotes and recognizes the highest standards in
veterinary clinical practice.

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Wellness Services
Performance Wellness Program
Why wait until your horse is lame to call the vet? Our performance wellness program is designed to maximize the health, soundness and well being of your horse. A comprehensive physical and soundness exam addresses all body systems and detects subtle lamenesses, which often present as stiffness or behavior problems.

Senior Wellness Program
Many of our athletes are performing well into their Senior years and require additional attention to keep them healthy and active. Annual Senior blood work is recommended for any horse over the age of 16 to screen for Cushings disease, thyroid function, insulin resistance and decreased liver or kidney function. Periodic screening x-rays are recommended to detect subclinical laminitis or osteoarthritis.

Hoof Balance Evaluation
A sound horse starts with a balanced foot. Subtle imbalances in the hoof can lead to abnormal stresses on joints and soft tissue structures. Routine digital x-rays combined with Metron™ software allow us to evaluate hoof balance and angles, compare these values over time and accurately communicate with your farrier. Sub clinical laminitis and White Line Disease can also be detected before major hoof wall separation occurs.

A sound horse needs a sound mouth. Lacerations or ulcers in the cheeks or tongue, fractured teeth and periodontal disease are commonly found in the mouths of many horses. Modern dentistry allows the correction of these conditions and alleviates pain with little stress to the horse.

Saddle Fit Evaluation
Proper saddle fit is essential for the comfort and performance of your horse. A human athlete would never be expected to perform in shoes that did not fit properly, but our equine athletes often perform in ill fitting (sometimes custom made!) saddles. A professional saddle fit evaluation and accurate measurements of your horse’s back will ensure that he can perform to his full potential.
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